Learning to write,
The Write Way

For children of all ages, the ability to write well brings the power and opportunity to share and influence thoughts, ideas and opinions with others in day-to-day situations. The Write Way school workshops can turn even the most reluctant children into enthusiastic writers.

The Write Way workshop

Our school workshops are all about getting children to write well, to enjoy writing well, and to be confident in their writing skills.

As a working journalist, I write so people can easily understand me, and I want to transfer these skills to children so they will write that story, letter or future job application in plain, simple and concise English.

Stop press

TV stars

The children at The Oaks Primary School in Bolton were excited when their Write Way workshops were recorded for a BBC TV documentary.

The Write Way workshop features on TV

The week certainly made an impression on the children - they made their own film about The Write Way experience.

Making (radio) waves

The Write Way was featured on BBC Radio Manchester's Sam Walker Show as part of a discussion about the importance of writing.

The Write Way workshop

Year 4 children from Lowton St Mary's Primary School were very excited to take part. Teacher Mrs Ailsa Foster described how The Write Way workshops held at her school earlier in the year had instilled a genuine enthusiasm for writing in her class.